Injuries and sexual health

Sometimes right after an assault you may not feel pain, but this might gradually increase over the next few hours. This might be because you are in shock and can be normal reaction to what you have experienced. If in doubt, seek medical help.

Archway in Glasgow is a Sexual Assault Referral Centre where you can have a forensic examination carried out if you have been raped or sexually assaulted in the past seven days. This can be done whether the police are involved or not. You can also receive emergency contraception and pregnancy testing. A new dedicated forensic medical suite for Lanarkshire will be opening in 2021.

The Archway can also provide the information and help you need regarding sexually transmitted infections and blood-borne virus testing. If you decide to report directly to the Archway, you will need to contact them in advance to arrange an appointment. You can ring them on 0141 211 8175 seven days a week.

You will be seen in the first instance by a doctor and nurse who will ask you some questions about your immediate health and also about the assault and then they will begin a forensic examination (if you are undecided about going to the police). This is so that forensic evidence can be gathered to corroborate the evidence given in your statement. You should try not to wash yourself or throw away any of your clothing. Your first instinct may be to have a bath or shower and get rid of your clothing, but this evidence may be essential. 

You may want to bring someone along to support you at this time but as waiting room space is very limited at the Archway this should only be one person. Check with the doctor you speak to when you call and ask about bringing someone along. Your clothes may need to be kept for evidence and you can be provided with clothing by the Archway, or you may ask for a relative or friend to bring clothing to you. 

If you want to know what reporting to the police might mean for you click here.

It is a good idea to get tested for any Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STIs) as prompt treatment can prevent you from becoming ill later on. You can be tested at the local Sexual Health Clinic.

If you are unsure if any contraception was used, there could be a possibility of pregnancy. You can take the morning after pill anytime up to 72 hours after the assault. You can get this from your GP, local Family Planning Clinic, or over the counter at most pharmacies.

To make an appointment at a Lanarkshire Sexual Health Clinic call 0300 303 0251 (lines open Monday-Thurs 9am-5pm and Fr 9am-4pm) 

For more information click here:

Lanarkshire Sexual Health – Sexual Health clinics, services & information for Lanarkshire

  If your injuries are serious call 999 for an ambulance

• NHS 24 Scotland Helpline – call 111 to speak to an advisor When to phone 111 | NHS 24

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