Survivors helping survivors

I always said if I could use my negative experience to turn them into positive then it’s not all been for nothing. I will never give up the fight for survivors’ voices to be heard! It’s thanks to all you incredible people that have been part of my journey and gave me belief in myself to do what I’m doing. Think I’m becoming a true feminist and activist and I’m damn proud of it!

The services you and other women’s organisations provide are invaluable. Thank you so much for being with me through this and always listening. It’s shocking that services like yours are being stripped of funding when they are needed the most.

I am no longer using alcohol to cope when I am triggered emotionally. You have helped me recover from trauma and dependency. I have come such a long way. The service and my worker with person-to-person support has had a massive impact in me believing there was hope for me and a life after trauma. It’s massive and life changing what the service has done for me. Thank you for understanding.

Being able to chat through what had happened to me as I found it very difficult to cope with. My GP recommended getting in contact with RCS and even though it took me a good while to do so I am so glad I got the courage to! All of the decisions I have made regarding support have been my own. Again the team are second to none and being able to talk through it all whether a good or bad day has really helped me overall with coping in everyday life. With lockdown/COVID despite everything being over the phone I feel as if I still have received an excellent level of support and information. I cannot thank the team enough!

You are not alone | You are not to blame |  You have rights | You can get help

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