Support through the criminal justice system


You can talk to your local Support & Advocacy Worker if you are considering reporting a sexual offence to the police or have already reported to the police and are going through the criminal justice process. We will provide you with information about what you can expect and liaise with agencies on your behalf if required.

Advocacy aims to help people by supporting them to express their own needs and make their own informed choices. We support people to gain access to information, explore and understand their options. We treat everyone with respect and dignity. We will listen to you and understand your point of view.

The National Advocacy Project is coordinated by Rape Crisis Scotland and is a free and confidential service which provides support and advocacy to survivors of sexual violence. Reporting to the police, the investigation and the court process can be a difficult, confusing, and stressful time for survivors of sexual violence, their family and friends.

Types of support available

You can contact an Advocacy Worker at your local centre with any questions or concerns you may have about any part of the legal process, whether you have reported or not.

If required, they can also:

·         support you to report to the police in an environment that feels safe and comfortable;

·         ensure you have the right support in place for the different parts of the process;

·         support you to prepare for decisions about the case throughout the process;

·         support you to attend meetings with the Procurator Fiscal (prosecutor);

·         ensure you have special measures to assist you to give evidence at trial;

·         ensure you are supported at court;

·         support you after the trial has ended, whatever the outcome;

·         refer you on to appropriate supports when the criminal justice process ends.

If you would like to talk to a Support & Advocacy Worker or would like to refer someone you are working with, please call 01698 527003.

If you want to find out more about reporting, click here.

Survivors Guide to the Scottish Justice System


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