Worried about someone you know?

When a friend or someone you love tells you that they have been abused/assaulted/raped you can often feel helpless. But think about the times in your own life when you have faced some sort of crisis or upset and remember what helped you most then. It probably wasn’t any one thing – simply knowing that your friends loved ones believed you, were on your side, and wanted to see you through. That is how you can help now.

You can be a good support if you:

·         Listen to your friend/loved one

·         Accept and don’t judge

·         Reassure them that you won’t tell anyone else (unless a child is at serious risk of harm)

·         Be patient with your friend/loved one

·         Don’t try and solve all their problems and pay attention to your own self-care

·         Speak to them about their options such as: referring themselves to LRCC for support, or you doing it for them with their consent.

You are not alone | You are not to blame |  You have rights | You can get help

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