Reporting Crimes of Sexual Violence

Survivors’ Guide to the Scottish Justice System for those Reporting

Reporting any crime can be a traumatic experience, especially if you do not know what each step of the process involves.

Reporting crimes of sexual violence, can also involve a number of complexities.

To help survivors of sexual violence, a DVD aimed at explaining the criminal justice process was produced by Rape Crisis Scotland.

This helpful resource is for anyone who is thinking about reporting a sexual crime, or who has already reported and their case is currently in the Scottish Justice System.

Interviews with key professionals were filmed, and an overview of how to report and what you may expect at each stage of the process is given.

If you have any concerns or questions about reporting or about the progress of your case then please contact us for support and information.

Survivors Guide to the Scottish Justice System

English sub titles are available on this DVD for deaf and hard of hearing survivors.

The disc contains versions of the following languages:

  • French/Francais,  Polish/Polski,  Slovak/Slovencina,  Arabic/العربية  Simplified Chinese/简体中国,  Urdu/اردو
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**Please note that this resource is in the process of being reproduced with relevant updates.