Medical examinations following rape/abuse

Archway is a specialist sexual assault referral centre based in the centre of Glasgow that provides forensic medical examinations, sexual health screening, emergency contraception, follow up support and counselling to people who have experienced recent rape or/and sexual assault.

Archway currently operates by appointment only.

NHS Lanarkshire now has a service agreement with Archway and the following criteria applies to Lanarkshire residents:

  • Male and female aged 13 years and over
  • The assault happened within the last 7 days
  • Both agency and self referrals are welcomed
  • The service operates an appointment system

You should call 0141 211 8175 if you want to make a referral.

The incident does not need to have been reported to the police, and Archway can store evidence to let the person decide if they wish to proceed with a complaint at a later date.

If it is more than 7 days since the assault took place, you can access medical care through your local sexual health service or call 0845 618 7191

If you require clarity or further information, you can also call the LRCC help-line on 01698 527003 to discuss it with a support worker.