Support & Advocacy for Survivors

Advocacy for Survivors of Sexual Violence

An Advocacy resource is available in Lanarkshire to support survivors of sexual violence.

If you live in Lanarkshire, and are thinking of reporting a sexual crime, or are already going through the criminal justice process following a report, you can access this service.

To make an appointment call 01698 527006 or 01698 527009.

For such a long time, this process has been very harrowing.

It has proven to be extremely difficult for people for a number of reasons, but mainly because they find it hard to understand what is happening in this wholly unfamiliar, legal world.

In the hope that the Lanarkshire Rape Crisis Centre (LRCC) can help to lessen any distress, and support survivors to become more informed, we are offering free Support & Advocacy from the time of reporting the crime to the police, through the witness statements, precognition and court process.

LRCC’s Advocacy Workers are here to help you get through that process with the least distress possible.

The National Advocacy Project is funded by the Scottish Government, and has workers in each Rape Crisis Centre in Scotland.  The project has been operating since 2015, and has been very successful.

The Advocacy Worker can:

  • Provide you (and your family where appropriate) with up to date information
  • Help to support you through this process from beginning to end
  • Accompany you to relevant appointments including precognition
  • Accompany you to court if required and when available
  • Help you to understand the criminal justice system
  • Link you in with other relevant agencies that can help

The Advocacy Worker has very strong links with the Solicitor of the Scottish Women’s Rights Centre, and therefore all legal information is up to date.

If you would like to find out more about this service, call 01698 527009 or 01698 527006 to make a suitable appointment.