Service User Testimonials

At LRCC we are keen to involve service users and other survivors in future developments.

Therefore, we provide opportunities to receive feedback and use it to help improve our support and information services.

This page will reflect people’s views about our services, and we will listen to all the feedback received.

This is just one piece of recent feedback from one of our service users, and it has been displayed as it was written.  No changes have been made to this.

Thank you for sharing your experience with LRCC, and for allowing us to share this with others.


May, 2020


I came across this quote that I felt needed to be explored a little deeper…” Inspiration is the greatest gift, because it opens your life to many new possibilities” it was quoted by an American author called Bernie Siegel he was also a retired paediatric surgeon he writes about the relationship between the patient and the healing process he is known for his bestselling book Love, Medicine and Miracles. 

It had me pause for a moment when I read it, made me think of all the times I have been inspired by someone else and how it made me feel and what sort of impact it had on me. We as a society have spent most of our lives being inspired by someone else, mainly someone in the public eye, although not always the case could be a loved one, friend or a work colleague. Thorough someone else’s bravery and courage and actions it tends to make us want to do the same or do similar but It gives us the inspiration or even the motivation we seem to lack in ourselves even although we are perfectly capable of fulfilling it on our own.  

I remember the first time I was properly inspired by someone and it was a celebrity, an American singer and actress, I had spent most of my childhood watching her on my television screen, from a young child watching Barney the purple dinosaur to then in my teens watching her on the Disney channel and then later in Disney films. I never knew much of her music till 2010 I was almost 20 at the time. She made the headlines all over the world, for in my opinion for all the right reason, she had just came out of rehab but was ready to speak openly about her struggles and battles. A lot of what she disclosed in her interviews and her stay strong documentary it touched me I connected with her pain so much, I understood her struggles I shared the same battles. It made me think if a young celebrity was brave enough to bare all to help and inspires young boys and girls to seek help at the risk of losing everything. I felt able to and inspired to speak up and seek some support for some of my struggles and battles. So through one selfless act of another person I was completely inspired to get the help I needed to get my life back on track again.  

I wish I could say that from the moment my life became amazing and I never looked back but that would be a complete lie. However from the moment my life did change significantly, I opened up honestly about my eating disorder and self-harming maybe didn’t go into how it all started but it was a positive start. The whole way through this journey I have leaned in to Demi’s music, interviews and documentaries when I have needed them, her music is always there to help me through the hard times when I feel unable to open up to someone, I’m never judge through her music and I connect with the lyrics and the pain you feel when you listen to the songs. I have always said that if it wasn’t for Demi Lovato I wouldn’t have stumbled across my path to recovery.  

In the two year’s as much as I am in awe and inspired but everyday people’s stories and acts of kindness I have found myself been more inspired but everyday people rather than celebrities. After I was raped I went down a really dark path that in all honestly I never thought I would make it out alive. But I did and it was thanks to the support I had they inspired me to strive for better, to regardless of what happened to never let it define me as a person. Which then lead me into the path of activism against rape and sexual assault and also end violence against women. Which has been the making of me I have finally at 28 years of age found my calling, my passion and my drive. I am truly and wholeheartedly inspired every time I attend an event with survivor’s speaking their truth, it’s hard to not feel inspired. 

I have always said when I was able to get myself into a healthy and safe place both physically and mentally I always want to give something back for all I had along my journey so far. I am far from where I want to be but I am a million miles away from where I started and that’s all I need to know is I am on the right path. And if I’m able to help and inspire others along the way then my negative life experiences weren’t all for nothing. 

We are all human we aren’t going to be acing living 24/7 365 days of the year, we need to lean on support, we need to feel inspired to continue on our own journey’s, It’s how the world goes around. A friend ones told me you wouldn’t know your up’s if you didn’t have your downs and it’s so true you can’t appreciate the good in our lives when you are constantly concentrating on the negative. It’s ok to not be ok but just don’t unpack and live there, visit it for a few days then leave it behind you till you need to revisit again.  

Us women are superhero’s what we have to deal with on a daily basis in all aspects of our lives is enough to sink a ship but we are resilient and somehow find the strength inside us to keep going, if that’s not inspiring I don’t know what is! 

** Survivor’s tip**  

Would be do get a bag, box anything you can store a few things in. and when you’re feeling overwhelmed and uninspired and to reach out. Make up a comfort pack, a soft teddy, blanket etc to hold tight, a picture or 2  or as many as you want of things that make you happy, bring joy back into the darkness could be of your loved one, children or a holiday destination you love or want to visit. Have a notebook and pen always there for you to write how you’re feeling or doodle or draw how you’re feeling. And a list of your favorite songs and quotes. Sometime when your heads in the depths of darkness it’s hard to concentrate or figure out a way out. But if you have actual visuals right in front of you it helps jump start that thought process. While your been comforted and surrounding by happy thoughts and memories. This pack is unique to you no one else you put whatever you feel you need and makes you feel comforted, safe, happy again.”



LRCC made me feel very welcome and helped me understand my emotions and behaviours which have impacted me.  I felt safe to share my story and secure in the support I received.

With LRCC’s support I was able to challenge myself and my understanding of the impact rape had on me and understand how I can grow from that.  I used my story in my personal statement for uni and I have nearly completed my first year. LRCC’s support helped me move on in a positive way and has also resulted in me beginning driving lessons.  My confidence and self worth have grew from their support.

I was treated great, I was able to feel accepted, believed and could be myself and share what I needed to share.” 

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