Relieve stress


These are a few techniques that we have put together which might be useful to you when you a feeling distressed.

  1. Take a few long deep breaths to help you to relax. This help when dealing with the situation at hand, this can be done anywhere that you feel you are having a panic attack or just feel distressed.
  2. Make yourself a nice hot cup of tea, whether it is camomile or normal you prefer. Take time to relax and put your feet up when enjoying it even it is only 10 min.
  3. Try to eat at least one hot meal a day. This will help to provide the fuel that your body needs to deal with what is happening at this time in your life.
  4. Treat yourself to a long soak in a warm bath; putting candles that have gentle smells and lots of bubbles. If you like to read take a book and just relax.
  5. If you feel able try going out for a walk it doesn’t have to be far, even around the garden. Focus on something nice and peaceful in your surroundings. It could even be a blade of grass, concentrate on the beauty and allow it to relax you.
  6. If you are finding it hard to sleep tackle this by writing down what is keeping you awake. Sometimes it helps to release the thoughts that are keeping you awake.
  7. Spend time with others if you feel able even though this may be difficult. If you feel able try to build up a support network of family and friends or support agencies.