Workshops and Resources

The prevention worker uses a resource pack that has been developed by Rape Crisis Scotland. The pack is used nationally in sessions with young people aged between S1 and 25 years old. The Sexual Violence Prevention Pack is comprised of seven topics in total, each of which contain four age appropriate workshops. The topics we cover are:

  • What is Sexual Violence?
  • Consent
  • Gender
  • Social Media 
  • Sexualisation
  • Impacts and Support
  • How Can We Prevent Sexual Violence?

The workshops have been designed to stimulate discussion and encourage interaction. For this reason we use a lot of small group activities and materials that are relevant to modern culture.

Unfortunately, we are unable to distribute the materials for delivery by teachers or workers. However, the prevention worker is happy to discuss co-facilitation and/or tailoring the workshops to compliment on-going work in the school/youth group.

We find that individual ‘one-off’ sessions with young people are not as effective as repeated workshops. For this reason we prefer to do a minimum of three workshops per group.

Please find below a sample copy of the resource pack.