Women’s Self-esteem Group

Support Group Success

A recent group to help women and girls build and develop their self-esteem was a great success.

The group was facilitated by one of our fully trained volunteers and a student of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), was run over a 10 week period and was attended by women and girls who had already been through the process of face to face support.  The pilot the main purpose of which was to help individuals to develop confidence and self-esteem, identified the need for further resources on a similar level, to help survivors learn more about the impact of positive relationships and empower them to make better choices in their lives.

Resources like this can only be provided as long as funds are available to meet costs, and as a charity, the funds are not always on hand.  Therefore, on behalf of the survivors who participated and benefited from this group, LRCC would like to pass on its gratitude to Barry Ferguson for providing the vital financial support to cover all of the costs of the group sessions.  We are all very appreciative of Barry’s support with this, as a number of survivors have developed their confidence and self-esteem, which demonstrates great results indeed.

Feedback from the participants showed that the group was a great success.

  • 100% of the group said that they found the interaction with other survivors valuable
  • 100% of the group said that their involvement in the groups improved their own recovery
  • 100% of the group said they felt this work would benefit other survivors

Other comments made included:

  • It is good because everyone can contact each other and be themselves with comfort
  • Being with other and sharing has improved how I feel
  • Speaking to other women has made me feel that I am not the only person to feel the way I did
  • Beyond my expectations …. Since the beginning I have learned so much
  • Thank you for this great journey and my new friends
  • Thank you for helping me to grow positively
  • Thank you to the facilitators for your time, support and trust.  Words escape me about how much you have supported us

LRCC hopes to develop this resource further and is currently exploring funding opportunities to carry it on in the longer term.

Well done to the survivors who all made great progress, and many thanks to M & L for successful delivery.