Fundraisers Sought for Local Charity

Fundraisers Sought for Local Charity

Seeking Volunteer Fundraisers to Bring in Crucial Support

Over the past years our Fundraisers efforts have brought in much needed funds.

Recently, we find we are unable to give a lot of time to fundraising activity for additional funds over this next year.

However, the fundraising must continue.  Therefore, we have revised our plan for raising money;  and we have agreed to recruit volunteers to help organise small events/activities.

If this is something you are interested in please let us know.   We would really appreciate your support.

We only ask that you give the time you can spare, and won’t be demanding.

LRCC is seeking volunteers to help out with the planning and organisation of:

Any other ideas?  All ideas welcome!

We aim to recruit 6 volunteers for a sub-group.  Our intention is to raise up to £10,000 this coming year.

The role of the group would be to meet, plan and implement potential fundraising activities.

LRCC depends on fundraising ideas to boost the funds it receives from grants and trusts to meet the core costs of the organisation.

Supporting a charity you feel passionate about can be very rewarding thing to do.  Especially if it is a charity that works in an area which can be seen as a taboo subject to discuss, because many people don’t understand.  Or they just don’t want to talk about it because it is uncomfortable for them.

However, being involved in helping to support others, no matter what form your support takes, can help you to achieve many things.

You might meet new people, and make new acquaintances and/or friends through volunteering.

If you are interested in helping LRCC raise crucial funds to help women and girls who are supported through trauma, contact us.

You can help to organise a huge event, or a tiny one.  You can get involved in a charity ball, or run a small tombola stall.

There are many ideas to think about getting involved with.  Why not check out this information and consider if you would like to discuss it further with us.

We have people telling us that they have had a fabulous time doing fundraisers.

LRCC is a very worthwhile charity.  Because of the type of work we do, there can be a lack of willingness to discuss the issues we deal with.  Unfortunately, this can mean that we are not always the first choice for big corporate companies to help us raise money.

LRCC also believes that every charity out there raising funds deserves to be doing so.

So, if you want to get yourself out there and give your time to a marvellous service, then let us know and we will arrange to discuss it with you.

Talk to us and come along and see exactly what we do.  Take an interest in services specialising in support survivors of all types of sexual violence.  Stand up with us and show Lanarkshire that we are here for a very long time.

If you are interested in finding out more please contact us at

Tell us about any experience you have, or want to get in this area.  Let us have your name and contact details and any other information you wish to provide.